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One of the biggest factors that sets Moss Building and Design apart from other home remodeling companies is that we practice the All-In-One Approach. The All-In-One Approach is exactly what it sounds like – at Moss, every step of the remodeling process is done in-house. From the first meeting to discuss your vision and goals to enjoying your new remodel and being a Moss customer for life, the entire process is completed with the same architects, sales reps, and project managers. Below is a step-by-step guide on what to expect when working with Moss. 

Step 1: Discuss Your Vision and Goals 

The first step of the process is discussing your vision and goals with a free consultation with a non-commissioned sales consultant. This is the opportunity to learn what is and what isn’t feasible, meet the first member of the Moss team that will handle your project, and start to talk through initial logistics and details. 

Step 2: Determine Your Path 

After the initial discussion about your vision, the team will be able to discuss the best path forward, looking to marry your vision with your budget in the most efficient way possible. At this time, your sales consultant will create a detailed, fixed-cost proposal. 

Step 3: Get Started with Your Team 

After the framework for a new project is in place and you have made your deposit, you will get to meet the rest of your team in your initial strategy meetings. In these meetings, you will get to meet the project managers, architects, and designers that will be working on your project, along with any other relevant team members. You will be able to discuss big picture strategy with the team. 

Step 4: Enjoy a Superior Design Experience 


After the initial start-up meetings are completed, the real fun begins! With Moss, you are part of the entire process. During the design phase, our architects will use Moss 360, a cutting-edge virtual reality system, to show you your remodel design in real time. With Moss 360, you can see what the finished product will look like in the virtual world, which transitions seamlessly to the real world. In addition, you can use Moss 360 to pick out different selections (paint colors, bathroom fixtures, etc.) and see how it would look in real time. 

Step 5: Develop Your Customized Project Plan 

Once all the details are finalized, you will work with your project manager and production manager to create a whole project plan, including a site plan, project schedule, communication plan, and safety plan. In addition to these plans, your selections, budget, and change orders will be agreed upon and all this information will be viewable in one spot – our project management portal, Moss Online. Your entire project lifecycle will be trackable in Moss Online, and it can be used for any necessary communication or changes during the project’s lifecycle. 

Step 6: Start Constructing Your Dream Home 

Staircase in front of blue house to enter

The next part of the process is constructing your remodel and watching your vision come to life. While your remodel is under construction, your project manager will supervise all in-home construction, offer quality and safety control, communicate with you all necessary information, maintain site cleanliness, and inform all technicians and contractors of their day-to-day tasks and goals. 

You will also work closely with the production manager, who is responsible for the success of the construction of your project. Your production manager will be collaborative and ensure that every aspect of construction is completed with expert efficiency. Their main job is to ensure that you have a great remodeling experience. 

Any technician or contractor that is a part of your project is highly trained, talented, trustworthy, and respectful. They are required to adhere to the Moss Construction and Service standards and take this adherence seriously. They fully understand the impact your renovation will have on the rest of your life and strive to maintain a safe and clean environment throughout the process. 

Step 7: Enjoy Customer for Life Perks 

Just because your project is complete does not mean that we go our separate ways. You are part of the Moss family now, and with that comes perks. We have referral programs, and we also have many repeat customers who come back for additional remodeling projects. Because Moss has such strong continuity, you can work with the same individuals on multiple projects. 


Interested in new architecture in the Northern Virginia area?  Reach out to Moss Building and Design today to inquire! 

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