Topics: Kitchens, Bathrooms | June 15, 2018

Floors. Walls. Backsplashes.

What do they have in common? These days, more than you can imagine.

At Moss Building & Design, we’re always keeping a finger on the pulse of design trends in home remodeling, and one thing that we’ve noticed is the use of tile that looks like wood. Whether it’s porcelain or LVT (luxury vinyl tile), the wood-look trend is everywhere these days. 

Using Porcelain Tile In Your Remodel

In this gorgeous bathroom in Vienna, Virginia, our client truly embraced this trend for their floors and shower walls. Using porcelain tile that looks incredibly like hardwood, the design and use of this tile showcases our client’s taste and decor style. It stunningly creates a calming, almost outdoorsy backdrop feeling for anyone who uses the bathroom or shower.

Remodeling With Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Another trend that’s being used a great deal, especially on floors that are heavily used, is Luxury Vinyl Tile, better known as LVT. Coming in a range of colors, this tile bears a striking resemblance to hardwood and is incredibly durable.

In addition, it’s affordable. If you think about your family and kitchen, an LVT floor is an option to consider, as it’s impervious to water damage unlike actual hardwood flooring. 

Tile Size & Shape Options

The great part about choosing a wood-like tile, whether porcelain or LVT, is that options vary. Choose panel shapes, single vinyl sheets, or parquet sized pieces. Installation is relatively simple, and within a few days, you have an entirely new look to your remodel. 

Educate Yourself Before Remodeling

Wood-look flooring burst onto the scene with a force, but remember that not all tile is created equal. Knowing what you want for your floor, walls, or backsplash is wonderful, but if you need more ideas and are interested in seeing options, here’s a good article.

It dives into the details involved with the range of options on today’s market. Take the time to educate yourself and really understand the choices available. 

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