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By: Julia Kilberg

It seems like everyone is watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix to learn how to clear the clutter and to simplify their lives. If you’re inspired by this minimalist interior design trend but don’t know where to start, here’s some design inspiration.

Consistency Is The Hallmark Of Minimalist Home Design

Minimalism in home design is almost exactly how it sounds. It’s an interior design style that focuses on minimal ornamentation and simplicity. Minimalism in art started in the 1960s as a response to consumerism and excess in society.

Similarly, minimalism as an interior design trend encourages you to ditch embellishments, decorations, and extra furniture and furnishings.

When it comes to home design, consistency is a great place to start. Make simple color choices, and carry these choices throughout your home. Start with a neutral pallet, like white or gray, on walls. Choose artwork or simple photo frames that match. Don’t over-do wall decor.

This Chantilly, Virginia, mudroom renovation is a perfect example of how simple changes reduce clutter (or at least hide it from view) and optimize the space. This workspace-mudroom combo hides clutter behind sliding barn doors.


Create Visual Balance In A Minimalist Home

Visual balance in the interior design of a minimalist home is most easily achieved by symmetrically arranging furniture. Make remodeling design choices to achieve architectural balance in your rooms.

“Radial balance radiates outwards in a circular pattern, from a central focal point (like a chandelier, skylight, round table, or centrally placed decorative tile),” according to an article on Hunker, an online design resource.

Should you choose to renovate or remodel certain rooms in your home or embark on an addition or whole-home renovation project, consider ceiling and electrical choices closely to achieve this balance. A radial chandelier in the living room becomes a focal point and the central pillar for a symmetrical space.

Commonly, you also see symmetry in double vanity bathrooms like in this Fairfax Station, Virginia remodel.


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