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Trends come and go – clothing styles, phone apps; you name it, it’s here and gone. But what about kitchen design and renovation trends? Clearly those trends impart a more permanent impact on a home renovation! The kitchen designers at Moss Building & Design, one of Northern Virginia’s best kitchen contractors, share the latest in hot kitchen renovation trends that work well with classic choices for the long-term – resulting in beautiful kitchens with zero regrets.

Kitchen Renovation Trends: Design Trends

The trend towards an all-white kitchen has been around a while, and continues to be hot! Our kitchen designers also see a pull towards light grey tones for both cabinetry and wall color.

A very trendy look in today’s kitchen design world is the use of different colored cabinets on the perimeter of the kitchen versus on the center island. The complementary look is bold and interesting and creates a room with a truly unique look.

Another trend that is hot is installing kitchen backsplash tile from the countertop all the way to the ceiling – looking remarkably like exposed brick, this trend is both a throwback and a current favorite.Keogh-Kitchen-5



Kitchen Renovation Trends: Material Trends

Having access to many materials options can be a bit overwhelming. Our kitchen designers use their expertise to guide decision making and help choose what works best for your lifestyle. What’s on-trend for kitchen countertops and other selections these days?

For kitchen countertops, our kitchen designers see a trend towards the use of quartz – a natural stone mined throughout the world. We love the look of it as each slab is different and creates a look that is beautifully unique.

Trendy kitchen design material selections are also leaning towards the use of polished nickel for faucets, handles, and pulls.


Kitchen Renovation Trends: Functionality

Multi-tasking is something that we all strive to do well. What if your kitchen was more multi-functional, making your prepping/cooking multi-tasking even more efficient?

One of the ways our kitchen designers see functionality at work is via the microwave. Gone are the days that the microwave sits on a countertop or is mounted under cabinets. The trend now is to have microwaves installed as pull-outs from kitchens’ center islands. We love how it maximizes space and allows for a less clunky kitchen look and feel.



Another hot kitchen trend right now is the use of cabinets to hide appliances and, even more fun, walk-in pantries. A wall of kitchen cabinets creates a seamless look and feel to a kitchen – clean, calm, and beautiful all at the same time.


The Best Kitchen Contractors in Northern Virginia

What are your thoughts about these kitchen renovation and design trends? Would you incorporate any of them into your kitchen remodel? Our Moss Building & Design kitchen designers strive to stay current on trends but also to incorporate classic choices — all combined with our customers’ personal preferences. Ready to start your kitchen renovation? Call us at 703.961.7707 or email us at[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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