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Favorite Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting  

Lighting is, clearly, important for basic functionality in your home. And while very practical and a key part of any kitchen remodel that MOSS Building & Design undertakes, it has become more and more obvious that deciding on the ambient kitchen lighting, particularly that which is over the home’s kitchen island, is a specific and crucial design choice for our customers. These days, we’re finding that pendant lighting is almost the “finishing touch” on a kitchen design – helping to complete the full package or to add a little extra something special to the space, and our customers are fans of a wide range of pendant lighting options. It’s hard to choose but below are several of our favorites:  

Modern & Contemporary 

These two kitchen remodels were part of larger interior remodels, bringing both homes from a more traditional look and feel to an updated modern and contemporary design. The pendant lighting over the kitchen islands reflects the designs that are overall minimalist in feel with respect to color choices and clean lines.  



DSC_3246 (1)


Traditional & Soothing  

These kitchen pendant lights nod to candelabras, in a way, with the more traditional look. With that, they bring a soothing sense of calm to the kitchens that they light up! 





Simply Fun!  

Looking to liven up the space with a fun set of pendant lights? These are two of our favorites – they look relatively simple yet have interest worked into the glass and the shape.  





Kitchen island pendant lighting is a highly personal decision that is, luckily, an affordable way to amp up the practicality of your room’s lighting yet bring some character and life to the space as well. There are so many choices on the marketplace that you can browse through to narrow down your decision. Remember, it’s your home so whatever you choose is a great decision! Have you been considering a kitchen remodel? Contact MOSS for a free estimate at or at 703.961.7707.  

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