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Architects play a vital role in the building and design process here at Moss. Customers get to meet the architects that are working on their project early in the process, as they are extremely involved in the design and planning stage. At Moss, our architects are in-house employees who have a strong working relationship with the other members of the team, including the Project Manager, Sales Consultant, and Project Designer. 

Initial Meetings 


Here at Moss, our architects are part of the process from the beginning. They attend the initial client meetings, so our clients get to meet the architects who are going to design their project. This is extremely beneficial for the client because the architects can balance the vision of the client with their budget. 

Our architects also meet internally with other members of the Moss team to make sure that the entire process is running smoothly. They have a great working relationship with the Sales Representatives and are a key voice in the design process and negotiation of a contract. The architects are the experts in what is feasible, both structurally and budgetarily.  

Behind the Scenes 


After the initial meetings, our architects are hard at work making sure the entire process is running smoothly from an engineering perspective. Our architects will scan the existing property so they have the full dimensions of the home. The architects still meet with the client to carefully discuss all aspects of their vision, but they also attend a lot of internal meetings, with the goal of getting the schematics approved and the engineering approved. 

With any remodeling or addition project, one of the most tedious pieces is filing permits and locating legal documents (plats, floorplans, etc.). At Moss, our architects take care of those pieces so the homeowner can relax and watch as their project works toward completion. Having in-house architects ensures that collecting documentation or getting permits does not bog down the process.  

VR Walkthrough 


At Moss Building and Design, we value technology and embrace the opportunities it provides. We implemented Moss 360 into the design phase, which is a state of the art augmented and virtual reality design capability. Instead of seeing your remodel on drawing paper, you can step inside it through the amazing virtual capabilities of Moss 360. Moss 360 is a gamechanger, letting you visualize your renovations before they come to life in the building phase.  

Interested in new architecture in the Northern Virginia area?  Reach out to Moss Building and Design today to inquire! 

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