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WFH (“Working From Home”) has been a popular catchphrase for a while. And now, it’s a full-time reality for many of us. If your home has an office space that exists already, then you’re probably all set for the long-term. Most of us, however, have been figuring out how best to WFH – and if that’s a dining room table, a card table in a closet, or even your bed, you might be itching to update to an actual, more formal rendition of a home office. Here are some of our favorite Moss Building & Design home office additions to provide you with some inspiration for your future WFH endeavors:  

Privacy Is Key for These Home Office additions in Great Falls and McLean

We love this home office addition in Great Falls. The room is just off the family’s sitting room and has sliding barn doors to close off the office when necessary, giving the homeowners privacy to work with focus. The colors in the room are neutral and soothing, there is plenty of natural and ambient lighting, and the various seating options allow for either straightforward desk work or relaxed reading by the window.  

The entryway to this home office addition in McLean is just off the family’s kitchen. With the rolling barn doors separating it from the rest of the house, the look is rustic chic and not “office-y” in the least. The view from the desk is to the outdoors, with large windows allowing in light and energy to whomever is working away at the computer or desk.  

Oakton Home Addition Has Everything You Need Close at Hand 

Part of a larger home addition in Oakton, this home office was deliberately designed to be just off the new bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet, creating a suite of rooms easily connected to one another. The office is generously sized, has plenty of storage, and has large windows opening to the home’s backyard, allowing views of trees and wildlife throughout the day.  

An At-Home Retreat for WFH in Oakton  

home office additions large wooden doors

A sliver of a view into this Oakton home office reveals that it was designed to allow in light from the windows but also a view into the rest of the home. The use of barn doors for opening and closing is a trendy design aesthetic, and the neutral gray tones throughout allow for concentration while WFH.  

Arlington Home Office Addition with Plenty of Natural Light  

home office additions white with mac

This Arlington home office bump out addition was designed for a variety of purposes. Not only does it have a wraparound desk with plenty of storage, there is a separate seating area for small meetings, volunteer gatherings, and more. We love the soothing blue tones and bright white contrasting décor.  

Are your WFH days feeling unproductive, possibly due to your space? Consider these home office additions and how something similar might work in your home. Contact MOSS for a free estimate at or 703.961.7707 

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