How to Plan For and Live Through a Remodel with Young Children

June 5, 2019
By: Jenn Zschunke
Does the thought of starting a home remodel fill you with equal parts excitement and dread? If you have young children and you're considering a home remodel, those feelings might be tilted more towards stress and fear versus positive anticipation.
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Paint Color Design Inspiration for Spring

May 20, 2019
By: Julia Kilberg
Spring is upon us, as if your allergies didn't already give that away. Along with the warmer air comes seasonal favorites like baseball, little league games, and even spring organizing and cleaning tasks. Like many homeowners, you may be considering refreshing your home with a remodel, new paint colors, or both! What is better than a pop of color to give you the feeling of a bright, new start? We’ve rounded up our favorite paint color suggestions to go with any spring renovation you may be planning.
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Interior Design Inspiration for Gathering Spaces in Your Home

May 17, 2019
By: Janice McLaury
Many of us have traded our large, formal dining rooms for open floor plans — giving us more options to gather together to share delicious food, laughter, and interesting conversation in the home.
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8 Packing Tips to Prepare for a Remodel

May 10, 2019
By: The MOSS Team
Remodels generate dust that can destroy belongings if the owner doesn't take care. Before a major remodel takes place in your house, you may be required to pack up your belongings and put them somewhere safe. These tips about how to pack your home can help ensure your belongings will be in good condition when the remodel is over.  
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Our Favorite Design Hacks for Laundry Rooms

May 8, 2019
By: Janice McLaury
It seems to take no time at all for your laundry room to become cluttered — stray socks here, unfolded laundry there, and baskets for each family member waiting to be attended to. I found the key to good laundry room organization is having it designed in the most inviting and practical way possible. If you are in the market for some design help, our new Home Organization Promotion might be right for you. Read on for some design hacks that can help you get through the never-ending cycle of laundry.
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