Topics: Events | August 18, 2022

Once a year, our MOSS team and families come together to relax and enjoy a summer afternoon of food and fun in celebration of the hard work that each person contributes to the company’s continued success. For 2022, a Scottish Highland Games themed event was created with a variety of games and challenges for all ages to enjoy – the revelry included a mobile axe throwing room by Axe Addicts, lifting feats of strength, tug of war, and more. Along with a margarita bar featuring freshly squeezed juices and barbeque from Mountaineer Meat Smokers, the day was a positive and fun way to thank all our employees for their accomplishments over the past year and acknowledge the support that families provide on the home front. Special thanks go out to the MOSS partners who helped to sponsor the event, including Ferguson, Dulles Glass, Insperity, and Euro Stone Craft. Cheers to another great year!



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