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Topics: Additions, Home Remodeling, Community | July 5, 2024

There are so many benefits to having an energy-efficient home. Not only will it help reduce your monthly utility bills, but reducing your personal carbon footprint is one of the most admirable things you can do to help our environment and society. At Moss Building and Design, we fully appreciate and understand the benefits of designing and building energy-efficient home renovations. Below are a handful of ideas we have implemented to ensure that we are as efficient as possible with home renovations. 

Prioritize Natural Light 

TV Room Addition

No matter what kind of renovation you are interested in, prioritizing natural light is a wonderful way to be energy-efficient. Electric bills can skyrocket when high-powered lights are constantly on. By prioritizing natural light, the need for lights to constantly be on diminishes. Imagine how much you could save on your energy bill if your overhead lights only needed to be on during dusk and nighttime. Moss is more than happy to be strategic and figure out the best ways to let as much natural light as possible into your home. 

Built In Bookshelf

The most obvious way to get lots of natural light flowing into the house is to strategically place large windows in the areas that are being renovated. Kitchens lend themselves nicely to large windows. However, traditional windows aren’t the only outlet to prioritize natural light. Sliding glass doors are an additional way to add natural lighting to your home. Exterior doors can also have windows cut out at the top. And lastly, skylights add yet another dimension to the house as they allow light to enter at a more direct angle. 

Energy Efficient Appliances 


While natural light can help alleviate the need for lighting and can even help with temperature control, homes nowadays have so many appliances that run on electric or gas. A decent chunk of the utility bills come from appliances constantly running, especially HVAC systems, washers and dryers, and dishwashers. While it is unrealistic to cut out the use of these appliances, energy-efficient options can help reduce the utility bills and your carbon footprint. The initial cost may be a little bit higher, but investing in these energy-efficient appliances will save you money in the long run. Moss is always happy to research and suggest the best energy efficient appliances for your home remodel in Northern Virginia. Our mission will always go beyond construction. We are committed to our community and leaving a positive and lasting impact to those who we serve. 

Make Your Home an Entertainment Center 


In the grand scheme of things, your home has a very small carbon footprint compared to massive skyscrapers and factories around the world. However, if everyone made minor changes to their lifestyle, the impact could be massive. One of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly changes you can make is to drive less. What better way to accomplish this goal than by having entertainment you would drive to accessible in your own home? Turning your home into an entertainment center is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. 


Any area of the home can be part of an energy-efficient remodel. For entertainment purposes, the kitchen can be remodeled to allow for room to host parties. The living area can be remodeled to include a playroom for children that will make them forget about the community playground. The basement can be completely remodeled as an entertainment oasis, including an area to watch movies, watch big games, and play some tabletop games with a cold drink in hand. With the help of Moss, turning your home into an energy-efficient entertainment center will move from dream to reality. 


Interested in an energy-efficient home remodel in Northern Virginia?  Reach out to Moss Building and Design today to inquire! 

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