Built in 1910, the historic home purchased by our clients last year fit all the criteria for what they were looking for in a forever home: ideal location, vintage charm, and space to entertain family and friends. However, the home’s original layout, with its large dining room and small kitchen, and lack of a master bathroom, while appropriate for the era in which it was built, did not suit the modern sensibilities and needs of the homeowners. With this in mind, Jacey and Brad reached out to MOSS and our team of expert designers to transform their main level to give them the gourmet kitchen that would provide them the opportunity to better receive family and friends, as well as create a brand new master bathroom entirely from scratch from a little used second floor “bonus” room. To paraphrase the homeowners, MOSS was able to assess the situation and visualize the solutions to make the homeowners’ vision of their dream home a reality.  

Creating a Beautiful Gourmet Kitchen from the Original Formal Dining Room 

Herndon Remodel

When they first purchased their new home, Jacey and Brad immediately knew that the small corner kitchen and incredibly large dining room, used in the past for formal entertaining, was not to their taste. Rather, they knew that they wanted a large, beautiful kitchen that could be used to gather with family for the holidays and with friends throughout the year. Here’s what the dining room looked like originally:  

before dining room remodel 

herndon renovation

The solution? Switch out the dining room and make it into the new, grand kitchen the homeowners desired. Once the decision was made, and with a focus on having a white kitchen with entirely white cabinets (Jacey’s dream come true!), the MOSS designers created a seamless look to the cabinetry, including utilizing cabinet panels as the front for the refrigerator and freezer (a very trendy look these days) and using a section of corner cabinetry to house a baking center with appliances and supplies, as well as adding a half wall of cabinetry with glass fronts to showcase the homeowners’ beautiful china.  

kitchen renovation

The massive center island, which houses two dishwashers, a sink, plenty of prep area, lots of seating options, and a great amount of storage, is home to a beautiful countertop of honed marble, matching the rest of the kitchen’s countertops. The piece de résistance in the kitchen, the island truly serves as the gathering spot for Jacey, Brad, and their close-knit family.  

kitchen remodel Northern VA

A final unique touch, in contrast to the all-white kitchen and countertops, is the stunning navy blue stove, which matches the china on display as well as the curtains on the tall windows. Add in all new new light fixtures, recessed lighting, and, along with plenty of natural light, the stunning new kitchen is a “wow”!  

kitchen contractors herndon

Creating a Master Bathroom from the “Bonus” Room 

While at first glance having a “bonus” room would seem to be just that, a bonus, that was not the case for our MOSS clients. The bonus room was simply another room that served little purpose. On the other hand, the lack of a master bathroom was a bigger issue that needed to be solved. MOSS brought its creative energy to help solve the issue, and the team, along with Jacey and Brad, all agreed that the bonus room, with its location next to the master bedroom, would be the perfect space for a new master bathroom.  

before herndon renovation

herndon renovation

With its odd layout, however, as well as three staircases in and out of the room and the top of the former kitchen’s chimney running through it, the bonus room had to be completely transformed to become the master bathroom Jacey and Brad were seeking. To solve these issues, one staircase was completely closed off and the chimney covered up so as to essentially disappear, while all the plumbing for the room had to be run through the lower level ceiling and walls up to the bathroom.  

The final result? A calming oasis for the homeowners to relax in at the end of the day. The large walk-in shower is beautifully hand-tiled and located next to a standalone soaking tub, which sits next to a large window that allows in plenty of natural light. The water closet area has a unique wallpaper that draws the eye, as does the curved archway above the toilet, which matches the design in the kitchen leading from the hallway. MOSS was also able to transform a beloved piece of family furniture, which had traveled the globe with Jacey and Brad, into the master bathroom’s vanity, adding in a gorgeous countertop. While the room was transformed almost entirely from its original purpose, the homeowners kept the original hardwood floor, which provides continuity to the rest of the home and the original look and feel of a bygone era.  

bathroom remodel Herndon Virginiamaster bathroom remodel  

bathroom remodelers Herndon, Virginia

Can’t get enough of this gorgeous renovation? See more and hear from the homeowner in this video. 

Stunning Home Renovation in Herndon, Virginia 

Helping to transform this Herndon home was a labor of love not only for Jacey and Brad, but also for the MOSS team that worked with them. A forever home is a dream home, and every day in it, post remodel, should feel special. MOSS strives to give every client the incredible result that they desire for their home remodel – and this beautiful transformation is a testament to that commitment. If you’re feeling inspired and/or been considering a home remodel, contact MOSS today for a free consultation at 703.961.7707 or email us at Hello@MossBuildingAndDesign.com.  

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