Topics: Additions, Home Remodeling | February 19, 2020

It’s not the zombie apocalypse, but surviving a home addition can feel, in its own way, just as stressful, overwhelming, and scary. It doesn’t have to be that way though! At Moss Building & Design, we strive to give our customers the tools, information, and details they need not only to survive a home addition, but to thrive: before, during, and after the process.

Before Your Home Addition: Plan Ahead

So you’ve signed the contract, made your selections, all materials have been ordered, and the date is set for demo: before panic sets in, circle the start date on your calendar and work backwards to today. What absolutely needs to happen before demo day? Do you need to purge the clutter from the area that MOSS will be working in? Will you have to move furniture, rugs, and wall art? Now is a great time to think about organizing and starting fresh – after all, you’re adding on to your home and will likely want to have a clean slate for decorating (which is exciting!). Set aside a day to tackle this work: we know it isn’t the most fun, but it’s necessary. Schedule Green Drop to pick up your donations (you can choose the charity that items go to), give items away for free to your neighbors by posting on Next Door, or email your friends to come help you.

Planning ahead (especially for a large home addition project) might also include thinking about how you will live during the remodel. Some customers have to literally move out of their homes for a few weeks to a few months if the home will be gutted and open to the elements while it’s being framed out, for example. Think about the long-term needs of your family’s comfort. MOSS will always share recommendations of the best options for what your family’s plan should be. And, you’ll always be able to plan your life along with our proprietary online tool, MOSS Online, that helps you track each step of your project and its progress.

During Your Home Addition: Take it Day to Day

It’s d-day: demo day! While exciting to hear that first hammer on your home, it’s also a bit unnerving. We understand! Surviving a home addition requires plenty of patience on our customers part, and at MOSS, we strive to do our best to disrupt your day to day life as minimally as possible. Sometimes, though, the remodel process can be loud, noisy, and stressful. Knowing what work will be happening each day is crucial for your comfort: we would recommend spending time outside of your home, if possible, with family and friends (especially if you have young children). If you know that your addition will require a week or so of work where your home will be unliveable, we recommend planning a vacation around that time! Have you always wanted to travel abroad? Maybe the best time is during the remodel process!

If your home addition does not require you to move out of your home, yet your daily functions will be affected (i.e. access to your kitchen!), then MOSS will work to set your home up with a temporary kitchen. We’ll move your fridge to another area of the house where you can set up a microwave, toaster oven, slow cooker, etc. to help you manage meals as much as possible.

If you have younger children who still nap during the day, and who need that routine, consider setting up a pack and play in a room farthest from the remodel work. Make it a fun “indoor camping” experience!

After Your Home Addition Is Completed: Take It Slowly

It’s done. The final punch list item has been completed, the dumpster and portajohn have been taken away, and your life can resume its normal path. Remember, though, that you’ve got to, essentially, move back into your own home! If you’ve planned ahead and downsized your items before the remodel began, then you’re in good shape. If not, we would recommend taking it slowly – don’t rush the re-entry process. Figure out what will work with your new space, and what might not.

Let MOSS Help You Survive…and Thrive

No home addition remodel is without its hiccups. But making it through relatively unscathed requires forethought, planning, patience, and care. Moss Building & Design has managed hundreds of home additions for our customers since 2001, and we’ve expertly streamlined our process to make sure every project goes as smoothly as possible. If you’ve been considering a home addition but are nervous about taking the first step, contact us today: we can’t ward off zombies, but we can help you enjoy the remodeling experience and the home addition of your dreams. Email us at or call us at 703.961.7707 for a free estimate.

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