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Topics: Additions, Home Remodeling | December 20, 2019

Sometimes we just get used to the way things look, like too-cluttered counters, or messy mudrooms, or overflowing closets. But now is a great time to set yourself some organizational goals for your home – and we think, and hope, that by implementing them and sticking to them, these tips will help keep you organized all year long!

Purge Your Closets of Stuff

Imagine everything in your closet having a place – and you being able to find those special shoes or accessories easily! Go through your closets, and pull out clothes that you haven’t worn in six months – it’s likely you’ll never wear them again. Give those clothes to an organization – there are so many that will literally come to your home and whisk your old stuff away. Re-organize your closet with an organization system or do it yourself – use shoe racks or hanging shoe bags, organize clothes by color or season, and always fold your jeans or sweaters and put them in the same place after being cleaned. Do your best to never leave clothing or other items on the floor.


Clear the Clutter from Your Kitchen

Nothing screams “too much stuff” than a cluttered kitchen, especially a cluttered countertop or kitchen island! Take a long, hard look at what’s on your counter – do you need to store those small kitchen appliances on your counter or would putting them in your pantry or storage room make more sense? If you have duplicate items (toaster oven and toaster, slow cooker and multi-cooker), think about whether you really need both. Install sliding racks into drawers for pots and pans and plasticware. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you find you have more space, and also realize that you had too much stuff in the first place.



Mudrooms for Messy Stuff, Not Messy People

If you’re fortunate enough to have a mudroom, you know how convenient it is for storage of your family’s coats, shoes, bags, and everything in between. But sometimes, and we all know this to be true, our family members just toss items on the floor or wherever they happen to fall. Make 2020 the year that you implement some organizational rules! If there aren’t hooks for everyone, install them. If there’s not a shoe rack, buy one. If no one remembers which area is theirs, make it a daily chore. It’ll stick eventually!



Setting small goals is a great way to start to organize your home for long-term success. Implement one new system each week to get started, and you’ll find that everyone will start playing along. And in the end, your household will function more smoothly. If you find that you need some help along the way to home organization nirvana, contact MOSS at Hello@MossBuildingAndDesign.com or 703.961.7707 – we can help you re-design any room in your home to make it the well-run machine you have been dreaming about.

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