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Topics: Home Remodeling | June 11, 2020

If you’ve ever lived through a remodel, you know that even under the best of circumstances it can be, at times, overwhelming and exhausting (even when on schedule with a company you trust). At Moss Building & Design, we understand this. We strive to create an atmosphere, for the duration of the home remodel process, where customers are as comfortable and informed as possible.  

2020 is proving to be an historic year for the remodeling industry, as the current pandemic has had us pivot how we serve our customers while also continuing as an essential business. We are proud to have already implemented many of the steps listed below (optionally) prior to COVID-19, and hope that all our current and prospective customers understand our commitment to your health and safety as well as that of our employees.   

Here are some ways that we are helping our customers navigate a remodel right now during the pandemic:  

Online Research for Inspiration 

MOSS has been a digitally forward company for years, showcasing photography of the remodels we’ve completed on our website, across social media platforms, and, most helpfully, at websites such as Angie’s ListHouzz, and Pinterest. We know that many people still enjoy flipping through magazines for home remodel inspiration, but, these websites and our online portfolios capture all the beautiful trends and ideas that you could find in any newsstand magazine. We encourage anyone interested in remodeling their kitchen, bathroom, or basement, or those who are thinking about a home addition, to peruse our various online portals, pin your favorites, or create a “dream book” for your remodel vision. Almost more importantly, you can research reviews and testimonials, understand a company’s rating on various sites, and, ask questions about specific fixtures or paint colors you are curious about. We’re ready at our keyboards to help!  

Virtual Consultations

Whether it’s via an online virtual meeting or a scheduled telephone call, MOSS is able to meet with customers in a variety of settings. While still offering face to face meetings (socially distanced and wearing safety protocols), MOSS is a strong proponent of working with our customers in the setting in which they are most comfortable. Luckily, we have multiple options and flexibility to set up any kind of virtual consultation. Take advantage of today’s technology when beginning the process of your remodel – any company should be understanding and provide you what you are seeking while also providing the utmost reassurance and commitment to your comfort level.  

Virtual Design Meetings

If you began your remodel process prior to COVID-19, but have had to do a 180 with regards to in person design sessions, you can rest assured that MOSS is able to lead you through those entirely online. We offer the ability to share any designs we’ve made on our systems with you, and walk you through the process of selections virtually as well. We always take any changes our customers request and implement them as possible, as well as suggesting a layout or design that perhaps you haven’t considered, honed from our years of experience. 

Health and Safety Screenings   

Beginning in March 2020, following the guidelines set forth by the Governor of Virginia as well as those for an essential business, MOSS implemented multiple actions to maintain the safety, health and integrity of both our customers as well as our employees. Each day, every customer whose home is being remodeled is contacted for a health and safety screening prior to any work beginning (this screening applies to all individuals in the home). The same screening occurs for each employee heading into a home each day. This ensures that if there any changes to a person’s health it can be documented and the work re-evaluated as to whether or not it can occur. In addition, all MOSS employees wear masks at all job sites, practice social distancing, and wash hands frequently, as recommended by the CDC. In addition, MOSS employees always wear personal protective safety, including safety goggles, work gloves, and appropriate footwear.  

Putting Your Remodel on “Hold” Or Re-Adjusting Time Frames 

Even with all of the virtual options and precautions that have been put in place, MOSS realizes that some of our customers are not comfortable with individuals in their home during the current pandemic. We understand and are ready to work with any customer who would like to put their remodel on “hold” for a certain period of time. The other option is scheduling your remodel during a time when you and your family will be out of town for an extended length of time. This allows our employees to work and clean as much as possible so that when you are in town, your home and life won’t be disturbed as much. MOSS is always ready to work with our clients and their personal preferences.  

Working With You And For You During Unprecedented Times

Each day brings new information. MOSS is committed to staying on top of any and all COVID-19 updates and news that affect our customers, their remodels, and our employees. Navigating a remodel during our “new normal” is one that we have prepared for in the past by taking advantage of technology, are committed to focusing on each day of the present, and strive to continue to lead best practices for the remodeling industry into the future. If you’d like to begin your own home remodel journey, contact MOSS at 703.961.7707 or at Hello@MossBuildingAndDesign.com.  

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