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Do you own a home in beautiful Centreville, VA?  Now is a great time to look into getting a bathroom remodel.  Our expert build and design team can turn your bathroom remodel dreams into reality!  Below are three must have features for your bathroom remodel in Centreville. 

Remodeled Whirlpool Tub 

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Everybody deserves a little pampering once in a while.  Instead of looking around for a place that offers all the services you want, why not pamper yourself in your very own remodeled bathroom?  Allow Moss Building and Design to create the bathroom of your dreams, where you can slip into a steamy bubble bath and feel all the stress melt away.  Light some candles, grab a gripping book, and smile at the realization that this can be your reality every night.  With Moss's expertise, you can have a world-class spa day in your very own remodeled bathroom! 

Sliding Glass Door Shower 


Imagine never having to deal with a shower curtain again.  Moss can remodel your bathroom with a brand-new shower equipped with a beautiful sliding glass door.  Not only are sliding glass doors more aesthetically pleasing, but they exude a feeling of luxury.  You can show off your remodeled bathroom and impress everyone who comes over.  Let Moss Building and Design help you become the talk of your neighborhood with your beautiful bathroom remodel. 

Room For Future Growth 


Your home is your sanctuary.  You are going to spend more time in your home than anywhere else.  Sometimes, the aesthetic and functionality of your home gets stale, and it is time for an upgrade.  Moss Building and Design is here for all of your remodeling needs.  Is your master bathroom out of date?  Call Moss and watch how it transforms into the bathroom of your dreams.  We specialize in total home improvement, so no job is too big (or too small)!  Right now is the perfect time to plan for a future bathroom remodel in your beautiful Centreville home. 

Interested in a bathroom remodel in Centreville?  Reach out to Moss Building and Design today to inquire! 

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