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Looking to build a new addition or remodel your Loudoun County, VA home this year?  Moss Building and Design has an extensive history working with our wonderful clients in Loudoun County.  Here at Moss, we strive to provide our clients with the addition or remodeling of their dreams, transforming the house they know and love into a modern masterpiece. 

Home Additions 

Moss is the premier home builder in Loudoun County, VA. We have an extensive history of designing and building beautiful home additions in the area.  Some of the additions we specialize in include: 

Not only do we have expert designers and builders, but we work with our clients to ensure that they are comfortable with the price point and financing options for their addition.  We also take time to ensure that the addition fits in seamlessly with the current structure.  If you are in Loudoun County, VA and want to explore a home addition, Moss can make your dreams become reality. 


We all know how special homes can be and how many core memories are made in them.  If you want to modernize your living space without giving up the home that means so much to you, reach out to Moss to explore remodeling options.  We have a successful history of remodeling the homes of our Loudoun County clients. 


One of the most common remodels is the kitchen.  Appliances and cabinetry can get outdated and need an upgrade.  In addition, many people are interested in large center islands to allow for better food preparation and presentation.   


Another popular area to remodel is the bathrooms.  Bathrooms are usually an area where you can get some quiet time, and what better way to do that than in a brand-new whirlpool tub or in a gorgeous, remodeled shower?  Moss can remodel your bathroom, whether you want lavish extravagance or just want to spruce it up a little. 

Exceptional Customer Service 

Our Loudoun County clients are truly valued, and we love being their preferred home builder.  We ensure that any builder, designer, or contractor that is working on your home addition or remodel is not only an expert in their field, but also is always willing to offer exceptional customer service.   

We strive to offer exceptional customer service throughout every step of the project lifecycle.  Our project managers will clearly communicate progress and make sure the client is comfortable with the timeline and selections.  We will also work with each client to provide them with a fair and reasonable cost and financing plan.   

Interested in home building services in Loudoun County, VA? Reach out to Moss today! 

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