Topics: Bathrooms, Bed & Bath, bathroom remodel | March 25, 2024

Are you a Stafford, VA resident dreaming of a bathroom remodel?  At Moss Building and Design, our expert build and design team can turn your bathroom remodel dreams into reality!  Below are three upgrades for your bathroom remodel in Stafford. 

Wide Shower with Dual Shower Heads 


Nothing screams luxury more than an extra-wide shower with dual shower heads.  You will have plenty of room to move around and never have to worry about rubbing against a cold shower wall.  Both shower heads can be running at the same time with two different temperatures.  A bathroom remodel with a wide shower with dual shower heads is the epitome of elegance.  You can show off your bathroom remodel and impress everyone who comes over.  Let Moss Building and Design help you become the talk of your neighborhood with your beautiful bathroom remodel. 

Tile, Trim, and Backsplash  


Many master bathrooms have standard white paint, tile, and trim.  In your new bathroom remodel, stand out with a porcelain block for the whirlpool tub, exotic backsplash in the shower, and top-flight tile on the floor.  Moss has near infinite combinations of tile, trim, and backsplash to create the exact aesthetic for your bathroom remodel.  Whether you want to keep things simple and clean or spice it up, Moss can remodel your bathroom to match your vision. 

Vanity Sink  


Sinks can be extremely basic and cookie-cutter in most homes.  Why not stand out from the crowd with a brand-new vanity sink with golden handles and spigot?  Unique sinks are one of the rarest features of a bathroom.  If you want something fresh and new, remember that Moss Building and Design is here for all of your remodeling needs.  Is your master bathroom out of date?  Call Moss and watch how it transforms into the bathroom of your dreams.  We specialize in total home improvement, so no job is too big (or too small)!  Right now is the perfect time to plan for a future bathroom remodel in your beautiful Stafford home. 


Interested in a bathroom remodel in Stafford?  Reach out to Moss Building and Design today to inquire! 

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