Topics: Patios | May 29, 2018

People say your backyard is your oasis. For me, that’s totally true. It’s also a place where I go to stay calm and to showcase my personality and creativity. If you’ve been thinking about building up your garden, now’s the time to get started!

Whether you prefer a butterfly or vegetable garden, we have the tips you need to create the DIY garden of your dreams.

Start From The Ground Up

First, start with a base. These raised garden beds from The Home Depot are easy to assemble and give you lots of options to contain your vegetable garden space. Go with one square box or do a tiered approach for different types of plants.

If your garden stays floral, think outside the box. Laying mulch and hearty topsoil in curving shapes in your back or front yard is a good start.

Create a design, and outline it with stones or sticks to make sure you get your outline just right before laying down any new dirt or sod. Better Homes and Gardens has a helpful online garden planning tool that guides you through choosing your shape and picking the plants and bushes to accent your garden. Check it out!

Choose Your Shrubbery & Plants

The online planning tool helps you envision different types of shrubbery and plants for your space. Make a trip to your local garden center, such as Northern Virginia staple The Merrifield Garden Center, to see what’s in season or get recommendations from local specialists in your area.

To appeal to all the senses, mix textures (smooth, frilly, prickly, and ripply), colors, and sizes when choosing your plants, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Just like when designing the interior of a home, mixing and matching colors and textures creates a complementary look that’s pleasing to the eye. 

Add Your Own DIY Touches

Really make the space your own with some additional DIY accents. A wood pallet walkway, for example, is an easy way to beautify your space and make it accessible.

Many DIYers are highly skilled at upcycling, and garden DIY work is no different. For a unique take on potted plants, use old tool boxes, Mason jars, boots, or wagons for soil and the plants of your choice. If space is a concern, build a vertical flower garden bed. A trellis over a structured box gives room for flowers and plants to grow up as they reach for sunlight.  

If a formally constructed look is more your speed, hire a contractor to build something like this raised cedar garden bed.

Alternatively, your contractor could add a beautiful sitting area to your backyard, so you can admire all your DIY gardening work. A pergola, garden trellis, or arbor provides the perfect accent to complete the look of your garden.

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